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On Sunday 14th July the Circuit gathered for our Annual Summer Celebration. We met at Jenny's Field and began by celebrating the story of Pentecost through the musical "Saints Alive" written by Roger Jones. Towards the end of the presentation the the bread and wine was blessed for Communion which was the taken to the Still Centre to be available throughout the day as people felt appropriate.
During the "free time" that followed we were able to do Forest Church and explore prayer through the James Hudson Taylor Prayer Stations. The craft tables were an opportunity for people to express themselves in different through art and craft.
Lunch was served from the barbecue and we enjoyed the cakes that people had brought to share.
The day ended with a service of Songs of Praise and Testimony. The hymns had been chosen in advance from suggestions around the Circuit and we heard from 5 people who shared their personal stories of what God had been doing in the lives.
It was a truly uplifting service and a fitting end to a great day of celebration.

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