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Celebrating 150 Years of Methodism at Buckley

This year we have been celebrating our 150th anniversary at Buckley.
Back in 1869 our first Chapel building, the one we now call our schoolroom, was opened. Originally the building consisted of just one room with 5 windows and a door. Mr Henry Lodge was the man who gave the land and also helped financially to enable the project to go ahead in what was then a very built up area of the town.
Although Methodism was 'born in song' the only instrument available to our first members was a tuning fork. However, it is recorded that on special occasions fiddlers were invited to come along and play.
Within a year it became quite clear that the building was much too small and inadequate to cope with the number of adults and children attending, both on Sundays and midweek. So, a scheme was discussed and fundraising began to build a larger building next door. In 1876 the new building, the one we now call our Chapel, was opened costing £3,000, which in those days would be a lot of money.
Through the years many have come and gone; the schoolroom has been extended to include another room, kitchen and toilets; many wonderful and memorable occasions have taken place and more importantly many adults and children have found the joy of knowing what it means to have Jesus in their lives.
This summer, as part of our 150th celebrations we held a very enjoyable Victorian Afternoon Tea event. The schoolroom was decorated accordingly, with memorabilia and photographs on display. Some of those attending dressed in Victorian costumes. It was good to join in fellowship over tea with members and friends and to share stories and memories. We even managed a game of Bible Bingo.
Down the years we feel that we have been truly blessed. And to echo the words of a hymn sang at our 150th Anniversary Service at the beginning of the year — 'This, this is the God we adore — we'll praise Him for all that is past and trust Him for all that's to come'.
Marjorie Micklethwaite & Ann Sutcliffe

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