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Staincross Car Park Dedication

We might ask whether the state of our car park is a significant part of our approach to mission and outreach. But, as many people have experienced, the car park at Staincross Methodist Chapel had become dangerously uneven over recent years as a result, apparently, of a chemical reaction taking place under the surface. The congregation were concerned about the safety of the car park for users but due to the size the cost of resurfacing was very expensive.

Following conversations between chapel members and the local councillors who hold their surgery at the chapel, we were offered the opportunity to have the resurfacing organised by the council in return for it being available for use by the local community. This means that we not only have a beautifully new smooth car park but that we are able to be good neighbours, sharing our facilities with the local village where there is a need for more parking. The chapel will be able to restrict parking when necessary but as it is a building which is well used by the community we are glad to now be able to offer a much more welcoming and safe surface.

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