Rule of 6 - week 3

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Conversation 3 How Should I Live?


1. What is your idea of a perfect morning?
2. Suppose you were told that you could have one wish come true--but the wish you make would have to be for someone else, not for yourself.
What would you wish for, and for whom would you wish it?
3. How have you been spending your time recently? What does that reflect about what you value the most? Do you feel God calling you to make any adjustments to how you are spending your time?
4. What is one seemingly impossible goal that you would like to see the world achieve during your lifetime?
5. When have you served others and loved well? How did you experience God through that? What opportunities to love and serve others did you miss?


(Unicef, Community image, Covered by Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC, link to original image)