Rule of Six Week 4 - Series 2

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Conversation 4 — 'What about evangelism'?


1. Can you share a time when someone inspired you by their words or speech?
2. Share with your group how your Christian journey has happened from beginning until now (you might need to just choose the main points!).
3. With who and how have you spoken about God (if at all) this week....share.
4. If you had 2 minutes to share with someone the heart of your faith and what it means to you, what would you say?
5. The Methodist way of life challenges us that:
�--� We will speak of the love of God.
�--� We will live in a way that draws others to Jesus.
�--� We will share our faith with others.
How are you getting on with these three disciplines?
Where, outside of church walls, are you being called to listen and engage in conversations?