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Advent Bible Study 1

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Week 1 – God’s Generosity and our Gladness

1. What words would you use to describe God and why?

If generous wasn’t one of the words suggested, discuss why our God is a generous God:

a) What do we mean by generosity?
b) In what ways is God generous?

2. What is the most generous thing God has ever done for you/us/the world?

Read Isaiah 35:1-10

3. Does this passage remind you of any other passages in the Bible? For example – the Holy Way can be linked to John the Baptist? (Isaiah 40:3)

4. What does Isaiah’s prophecy tell us of God’s generosity?

5. How will gladness be shown when God comes?

6. The passage speaks to the weak, feeble and fearful, bringing hope – God will save. How do we share that Advent hope with others?

Read Philippians 2:1-8

7. Is the belief that God became human important to you and why/why not?

8. How do you understand the doctrine of the incarnation?

9. In what ways has God shown generosity to us?

10. According to Paul, how should we respond to God’s generosity?

Read/sing an Advent hymn:

  • Come thou long expected Jesus (StF169)
  • Long ago, prophets knew (StF178)
  • Darkness like a shroud (StF170)

11. How is God’s generosity and our gladness represented within our Advent hymns?

12. In what ways can we gladly celebrate God’s generosity this Advent?

Share the Good News of God’s generosity in Jesus with someone who is outside the church this week.

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