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A Short Act of Worship for use at Home on 6th September provided by 'The Vine' publications.

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Webteam: Sun 29 Nov 9:55am

Welcome to worship. This Advent Sunday we are led by Rev Marian Olsen and Rev Claire Rawlinson.Click here to join...

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Webteam: Tue 24 Nov 1:57pm

A Short Act of Worship for use at Home on 29th November provided by 'The Vine'...

Webteam: Mon 23 Nov 9:30am

Conversation 6 What does my future hold for me?1. If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?2. If you could stand before the British Parliament and try to persuade them to pass a brand new law, what new law would you want them to consider? 3. Where in your life has fear been holding you back? What truth do you sense God speaking into that fear for the future?4. If you could...