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In order for us to journey together through Holy Week during the current lockdown due to Covid19, the circuit staff have arranged several things, the first being a virtual love feast shared through Zoom on Maundy Thursday at 2.30pm.

You will need a drink and cake or biscuits to participate in the love feast, but could join in the rest of the worship without. As the Love Feast comes later in the worship you may find that a hot drink has gone cold by the time you need it, so a cold drink will probably work best.

You can join this service by clicking on this link at 2.30pm*.
Love Feast — Maundy Thursday 2.30pm

The Love feast is a Christian fellowship meal recalling the meals Jesus shared with his disciples during his ministry. It is focused around the key themes of sharing, belonging and fellowship enjoyed within the body of Christ.

If you are joining this service it would be appropriate for you to have a drink and cake or biscuits.

There is a traditional Love Feast cake for those who want to make one and the recipe is shown below and will be posted separately on the Circuit website and Facebook page.

*For those of you who are nervous about technology, or for whom it takes a while to configure settings the Zoom call will open at 2.20pm so that the service can start at 2.30pm prompt.

A traditional Love Feast Cake Recipe Adapted from the Middlesmoor Lovefeast Bread used in the Yorkshire Dales at the time of John Wesley

�€� 1lb (400g) plain flour
�€� 1oz (25g) baking powder
�€� 5oz (125g) butter
�€� 8oz (200g) sugar
�€� 2oz (50g) mixed peel
�€� 4oz (100g) sultanas
�€� 2 eggs
�€� About half a pint (280ml) of milk

�€� Mix the flour and baking powder together, rub in the butter, then add the sugar, sultanas and peel.
�€� Beat the eggs together with a little milk and add to the dry ingredients.
�€� Add the rest of the milk to make a soft consistency.
�€� Pour the mixture into two loaf tins or a large cake tin.
Cook at 180°C (350°F) or gas mark 4 for at least 45 minutes for the loaf tins,
or 1 hour for the large cake tin.

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